Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Care Package #4: Valentine's Day

This is probably going to be the best Valentine's Day ever. I had planned on visiting Daniel on a three day weekend, and this weekend just happened to be the one I chose. And it just so happened that I was flying in or Valentine's Day. I am beyond excited and I can't wait to see him!! And even though I already bought him a present that I will give to him when I see him (its a good one too!!), I still wanted to send him a package.
I wanted to give him treats with sayings attached to them but I didn't want to give him a bunch of candy because 1. I am the candy eater in the relationship and 2. I was going to bake him some brownies. So I got creative...
"I'm nuts about you" - peanuts
"Let's mix it up" - trail mix
"I chews you" - gum
"Thanks for sticking by my side" - Chapstick
"You're one hot tamale" - hot tamales
"You light up my life" - candle
"I'm hooked on you" - gummy worms
"You're my sweetheart" - sweethearts
"I want your meat" - beef jerkey
Then I made him this super cute mug. I had seen a mug like this on Etsy but found on Pinterest that you can write on a mug from the dollar store with Sharpie and bake it in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. So that's what I did!
I added the brownies, some pretzel buttons (I sent him those for Christmas as well), and some mini balloons. I also added a little box with some other Valentine's Day goodies :) He said this was his favorite package so far!