Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Care Package #10: Stud Muffin

Daniel has always been a little gym crazy and I've recently jumped on the fitness bandwagon myself, so I figured I would give him a little "fitspiration" in his care package.
"I'm just a cupcake waiting for my studmuffin"
I found the stud muffin box idea on Pinterest and tweaked it by adding the quote.
I filled the box with healthy snacks and work out items like..
Banana Bread in a Jar
Granola Bars
Fruit Rope
Gatorade Prime Chews & Drink
Body Wash
Coconut Water
Mio Energy Water Flavor
Hand Towel
Hazelnut Butter
Cliff Bars

I baked him banana bread but called it "Banana stud muffins" to keep with the theme.  I found a recipe on Pinterest here for banana bread in a jar and after I baked the bread I boiled the lids to seal the jars shut.  It took a week for his package to arrive, and as far as I know the bread was still tasty when he ate it. 
This just might be my favorite box so far...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Care Package #9: Goodnight, Good Morning

Although Daniel is tough, macho military man, the boy still likes his 600 thread count sheets.  So this package was created around sending him his fancy bed sheets.  I used an extra big box so I could send him some treats along with the sheets and went with a Goodnight/Good Morning theme since we are currently living in different days with our time difference.  

I filled half of the box with morning items and the other half with things that he may use in the evening 

Nutrigrain bars
Instant iced coffee
Kashi cereal
Granola cereal
Energy drink
Shower gel
Despicable Me hand wash (one of our fav movies)
Local newspaper

Microwavable dinners
Pill box care package

I found the idea to use a Sunday-Saturday pill box as a mini-care package on Pinterest. I put candies and a note to him in each slot and sealed it with a note instructing him to only open ONE each day.  We will see how that goes...