Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Care Package #16: Wild About You

My inspiration for this box- Zebra Cakes!  Those processed, sugary, delicious cakes! YUMMMM
 I decorated with scrapbook paper, jungle animal stickers, and a totally random picture of Daniel and I eating Taco Bell.  That's pretty wild...right?
 Zebra Cakes
WILD rice soup
Annie's taco mac and cheese
Wild animal fruit snacks
Cheddar crackers
Zone bars
Animal Cookies
E-Card tissues and mug
(not wild but very funny)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Care Package #15: Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake

Although my man has become quite the chef for himself, he still hasn't ventured to make any baked goods.  I figured I'd cure his sweet tooth with a box filled with homemade goodies. What's not to love!
I came up with decorating the box with the quote:
"I love you like a fat kid loves cake"
While my mom thought it was offensive, I thought it was hilarious and completely appropriate!
His homemade goodies included:
Chocolate cake
Chocolate frosting (not homemade)
Monkey bread
Candy cookies
 For the most part, everything traveled pretty well.  He said the monkey bread was a bit hard but still delicious.  And he was in love with the candy cookies (the secret: a package of instant vanilla pudding in the batter). 

Care Package #14: Back from the Field

Things have become pretty crazy around here!  I'm now student teaching, working, planning a wedding, and continuing to send my man care packages (even though I haven't been posting them).  So today is the day that I finally post his packages!

Daniel was out in the field for around a month and during that month, he couldn't receive any packages.  When he was a week away from returning to base I send him a "Welcome Back" package that hopefully would help him get back into the swing of things on base. 
I added some things that may help him relax and stay healthy after a LOONNGGG month away 

Cough drops
Wet wipes
Chap stick
Coconut water
A couple movies
Skillet sauce
Rice sides
Jerky chew
Tomato soup
Homemade brownies

We are both very happy he is back on base and back to his "normal" life.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Care Package #13: Beach Time

When Daniel and I want to get away we go to the same beach every time.  Sounds ridiculous but it's like our hideaway.  So I wanted to give him a taste of Morro Bay while he is deployed.  
 I packed this box with...
Sunflower Seeds
Gummy Worms
Sun Screen
Snapple Ice Pops
Life Savers
Swedish Fish
Fish (tuna) and Chips (Lays)
Snapple Tea
Water Toys
Salt Water Taffy
a post card from Morro Bay I picked up on a trip with a girlfriend.  
My dog was pretty sure the pool toys were for her..

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Care Package #12: Crazy Good

Each time I send Daniel a care package I ask if there is anything he might want and he always tells me the same thing, no.  So finally after asking for the billionth time he actually mentioned something he wanted... POP TARTS!!  So I went a little overboard...
Overboard as in six different flavors of Pop Tarts!  Hopefully they will last him a while.

Care Package #11: Fourth of July

Happy Fourth!! 
I filled this one with basically anything I could get my hands on that was red, white or blue...
Pop Rocks (like fireworks)
Hamburger Helper (trying to think of things he would cook)
Patriotic Goldfish
Flag Napkins
Chips Ahoy
Jerky Chew
Beef Jerkey
 And I even made him some patriotic cookies :]

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Care Package #10: Stud Muffin

Daniel has always been a little gym crazy and I've recently jumped on the fitness bandwagon myself, so I figured I would give him a little "fitspiration" in his care package.
"I'm just a cupcake waiting for my studmuffin"
I found the stud muffin box idea on Pinterest and tweaked it by adding the quote.
I filled the box with healthy snacks and work out items like..
Banana Bread in a Jar
Granola Bars
Fruit Rope
Gatorade Prime Chews & Drink
Body Wash
Coconut Water
Mio Energy Water Flavor
Hand Towel
Hazelnut Butter
Cliff Bars

I baked him banana bread but called it "Banana stud muffins" to keep with the theme.  I found a recipe on Pinterest here for banana bread in a jar and after I baked the bread I boiled the lids to seal the jars shut.  It took a week for his package to arrive, and as far as I know the bread was still tasty when he ate it. 
This just might be my favorite box so far...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Care Package #9: Goodnight, Good Morning

Although Daniel is tough, macho military man, the boy still likes his 600 thread count sheets.  So this package was created around sending him his fancy bed sheets.  I used an extra big box so I could send him some treats along with the sheets and went with a Goodnight/Good Morning theme since we are currently living in different days with our time difference.  

I filled half of the box with morning items and the other half with things that he may use in the evening 

Nutrigrain bars
Instant iced coffee
Kashi cereal
Granola cereal
Energy drink
Shower gel
Despicable Me hand wash (one of our fav movies)
Local newspaper

Microwavable dinners
Pill box care package

I found the idea to use a Sunday-Saturday pill box as a mini-care package on Pinterest. I put candies and a note to him in each slot and sealed it with a note instructing him to only open ONE each day.  We will see how that goes...

Friday, May 31, 2013

Care Package #8: Hometown

All of the care packages I have sent to Daniel in Virginia were just practice for the real care packages he would be receiving in Korea.  After three weeks in Korea he finally got an address and I was able to send him his first overseas package.  Not to brag, but I'm pretty sure it made his day.  

For his first package I wanted to try to bring home to him by making a hometown package.  If Exeter could be known for anything, it would be the water tower, so I made sure it was included in the decorations.

The box was filled with some of his favorite foods, America and Exeter themed items, and things he forgot...
Red Bull
Cracker jacks
Local newspapers
Beef jerkey
Granola cereal
Mug decorated with pictures
Jolly ranchers
Exeter T-shirt
Exeter postcard

Not pictured:
M&M snack mix
Mac and Cheese
and a few things he forgot at home like
sunglasses, headphones, etc.

I already have two more boxes ready to go... I think I have a care package addiction problem...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Care Package #7: Easter

Between school finals, visiting Daniel, gymnastics competitions, and getting him ready to deploy, I haven't had much time to post my boxes.  But here is the Easter box I sent him while he was still in Virginia...

I shoved everything small enough into Easter eggs and added things that would be in a kid's Easter basket...
Annie's cheddar bunnies
Annie's cocoa and vanilla bunnies
Gold bond
beef jerkey
silly puddy
Reece's and Snicker's eggs
Cliff energy shots
Mio iced tea
robin eggs
iced coffee packets
Hot wheels car
M&M's (the boy loves M&M's so I got him some in every
flavor: chocolate, peanut, pretzel, peanut butter)
This was the last package I sent him in Virginia. Unfortunately Daniel's in Korea now :( so the rest of the packages will be going across the world.  He's still in temporary housing so although I have a package ready, I can't send it to him yet.  More posts will be coming as soon as I can send them to him...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Care Package #6: St. Patrick's Day

This St. Patrick's Day box isn't a normal one.  This is because last year's St. Patrick's Day was very unordinary.  After complaining about stomach pains for a month, Daniel ended up having appendicitis and had his appendix removed on St. Patrick's Day last year.  While everyone was drinking green beer, we were eating hospital cafeteria food.  Yum.  So of course I wanted to commemorate his "Appendix Anniversary" as well as St. Patrick's Day in this box.
I covered the box in green paper and cut out "St. Patrick's Day" on one side and "Happy Appendix Anniversary" on the other.  Ridiculous, I know.  But it gets better!  I made a pot of gold and leprechaun that pops out with a pipe cleaner and put an appendix in his hands.  Kinda gross, but I thought it was hilarious!
Everything I put in the box was green, including...
lucky charms
sour cream and onion pringles
green post-its
life-saver mints
emerald breakfast nut mix
stride gum
thin mint girl scout cookies
arizona green tea
granola bars
monster trail mix
I also baked him some green mint chocolate chip cookies I found on Pinterest.
Happy Green Day!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Care Package #5: You're My Hero

Daniel's absolute favorite super hero is Batman.  He dressed up as Batman when he was a kid, we have gone to the Batman midnight movie premiers, and when we met he had Batman sheets on his bed.  So needless to say a Batman box was in order. 
It ended up being more of a superhero box so here's what I threw in there...
Batman pez
Avengers fruit snacks
Batman magic towels
Batman laffy taffy and pop rock candy
Robin Hood movie (he's a super hero, right?)
Spiderman hand sanitizer
Nerf guns and ammo (because every super hero needs his weapon)
Raspberry iced tea mix
Microwavable soup
Mac and Cheese
Jerky chew (he specifically thanked me for this)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Care Package #4: Valentine's Day

This is probably going to be the best Valentine's Day ever. I had planned on visiting Daniel on a three day weekend, and this weekend just happened to be the one I chose. And it just so happened that I was flying in or Valentine's Day. I am beyond excited and I can't wait to see him!! And even though I already bought him a present that I will give to him when I see him (its a good one too!!), I still wanted to send him a package.
I wanted to give him treats with sayings attached to them but I didn't want to give him a bunch of candy because 1. I am the candy eater in the relationship and 2. I was going to bake him some brownies. So I got creative...
"I'm nuts about you" - peanuts
"Let's mix it up" - trail mix
"I chews you" - gum
"Thanks for sticking by my side" - Chapstick
"You're one hot tamale" - hot tamales
"You light up my life" - candle
"I'm hooked on you" - gummy worms
"You're my sweetheart" - sweethearts
"I want your meat" - beef jerkey
Then I made him this super cute mug. I had seen a mug like this on Etsy but found on Pinterest that you can write on a mug from the dollar store with Sharpie and bake it in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. So that's what I did!
I added the brownies, some pretzel buttons (I sent him those for Christmas as well), and some mini balloons. I also added a little box with some other Valentine's Day goodies :) He said this was his favorite package so far!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Care Package #3: Super Bowl

I'm not going  to lie, I totally stole the idea for this box from a friend from work who has a man in the Navy.  And although the Broncos didn't make it to the Super Bowl (moment of silence...) I wanted Daniel to be able to have fun on Super Bowl Sunday with his buddies.

I started out decorating the box with scrap booking paper from Hobby Lobby.  I used the yard line paper on the bottom and clouds going up the side.  I cut yellow paper into the shape of goal posts and only attached them to the inside so that they would pop out of the box when he opened it.  Then I taped football paper on the opposite sides and stuck football stickers all over.  In Broncos colors I wrote "Super Bowl Sunday" and "you are my MVP" using construction paper and the Cricut machine.  I love how it turned out!

 Then I threw some football-ish food inside including...
Tootsie pops
BBQ sunflower seeds
Gatorade mix
Propel mix
Kettle corn pop corn
Roasted peanuts
Slim Jims
Small blow up football
Salsa & Chips (chips not pictured)
Football shaped candies (also not pictured)
Letters I wrote 
This box ended up only costing around $25 including the shipping and he loved it! 
Next box- Valentine's Day