Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Care Package #13: Beach Time

When Daniel and I want to get away we go to the same beach every time.  Sounds ridiculous but it's like our hideaway.  So I wanted to give him a taste of Morro Bay while he is deployed.  
 I packed this box with...
Sunflower Seeds
Gummy Worms
Sun Screen
Snapple Ice Pops
Life Savers
Swedish Fish
Fish (tuna) and Chips (Lays)
Snapple Tea
Water Toys
Salt Water Taffy
a post card from Morro Bay I picked up on a trip with a girlfriend.  
My dog was pretty sure the pool toys were for her..

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Care Package #12: Crazy Good

Each time I send Daniel a care package I ask if there is anything he might want and he always tells me the same thing, no.  So finally after asking for the billionth time he actually mentioned something he wanted... POP TARTS!!  So I went a little overboard...
Overboard as in six different flavors of Pop Tarts!  Hopefully they will last him a while.

Care Package #11: Fourth of July

Happy Fourth!! 
I filled this one with basically anything I could get my hands on that was red, white or blue...
Pop Rocks (like fireworks)
Hamburger Helper (trying to think of things he would cook)
Patriotic Goldfish
Flag Napkins
Chips Ahoy
Jerky Chew
Beef Jerkey
 And I even made him some patriotic cookies :]