Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Care Package #10: Stud Muffin

Daniel has always been a little gym crazy and I've recently jumped on the fitness bandwagon myself, so I figured I would give him a little "fitspiration" in his care package.
"I'm just a cupcake waiting for my studmuffin"
I found the stud muffin box idea on Pinterest and tweaked it by adding the quote.
I filled the box with healthy snacks and work out items like..
Banana Bread in a Jar
Granola Bars
Fruit Rope
Gatorade Prime Chews & Drink
Body Wash
Coconut Water
Mio Energy Water Flavor
Hand Towel
Hazelnut Butter
Cliff Bars

I baked him banana bread but called it "Banana stud muffins" to keep with the theme.  I found a recipe on Pinterest here for banana bread in a jar and after I baked the bread I boiled the lids to seal the jars shut.  It took a week for his package to arrive, and as far as I know the bread was still tasty when he ate it. 
This just might be my favorite box so far...

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