Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Care Package #13: Beach Time

When Daniel and I want to get away we go to the same beach every time.  Sounds ridiculous but it's like our hideaway.  So I wanted to give him a taste of Morro Bay while he is deployed.  
 I packed this box with...
Sunflower Seeds
Gummy Worms
Sun Screen
Snapple Ice Pops
Life Savers
Swedish Fish
Fish (tuna) and Chips (Lays)
Snapple Tea
Water Toys
Salt Water Taffy
a post card from Morro Bay I picked up on a trip with a girlfriend.  
My dog was pretty sure the pool toys were for her..

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  1. Hi there! I was browsing the internet for care package ideas to send my brother who is also in the army and I stumbled upon your website! Very cute boxes!