Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Care Package #7: Easter

Between school finals, visiting Daniel, gymnastics competitions, and getting him ready to deploy, I haven't had much time to post my boxes.  But here is the Easter box I sent him while he was still in Virginia...

I shoved everything small enough into Easter eggs and added things that would be in a kid's Easter basket...
Annie's cheddar bunnies
Annie's cocoa and vanilla bunnies
Gold bond
beef jerkey
silly puddy
Reece's and Snicker's eggs
Cliff energy shots
Mio iced tea
robin eggs
iced coffee packets
Hot wheels car
M&M's (the boy loves M&M's so I got him some in every
flavor: chocolate, peanut, pretzel, peanut butter)
This was the last package I sent him in Virginia. Unfortunately Daniel's in Korea now :( so the rest of the packages will be going across the world.  He's still in temporary housing so although I have a package ready, I can't send it to him yet.  More posts will be coming as soon as I can send them to him...

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