Sunday, October 6, 2013

Care Package #14: Back from the Field

Things have become pretty crazy around here!  I'm now student teaching, working, planning a wedding, and continuing to send my man care packages (even though I haven't been posting them).  So today is the day that I finally post his packages!

Daniel was out in the field for around a month and during that month, he couldn't receive any packages.  When he was a week away from returning to base I send him a "Welcome Back" package that hopefully would help him get back into the swing of things on base. 
I added some things that may help him relax and stay healthy after a LOONNGGG month away 

Cough drops
Wet wipes
Chap stick
Coconut water
A couple movies
Skillet sauce
Rice sides
Jerky chew
Tomato soup
Homemade brownies

We are both very happy he is back on base and back to his "normal" life.

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