Friday, January 11, 2013

Care Package #2: Happy Birthday!!

Unfortunately Daniel and I aren't able to spend his birthday together this year. But I still wanted to make his day as special as possible, even if I am 3,000 miles away.

I started out with a US Postal Service large flat rate priority box.  These boxes cost around $15 to ship and you can make them as heavy as you want.  I always decorate my boxes with supplies from Dollar Tree or with things I can find around the house.  I started out decorating the inside and flaps of the box with wrapping paper.  I used a Cricut machine to cut out "Happy Birthday", "Missing You", and "Twenty-three" with construction paper.  The goal of my decorations is to make them as cute and cheap as possible.

I also attached a picture of us from his 21st birthday. I added the party hats :]

I wanted Daniel to be able to have birthday cake on his birthday so I decided to make him "cake in a jar".  After looking at dozens of recipes I decided to make these Paula Deen red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (find the recipe here).  After baking the cupcakes I cut the tops off and layered the cakes with the frosting in mason jars.  I used two jars; one I filled to the top with cake and the other I filled half way and squished 23 candles on top.  I used scrap fabric to cover the lids and tied a ribbon around the top.  I love the way they turned out!
Along with the cake, here is what I put in his birthday care package...

 single serve tuna packets
microwaveable soup
pretzels (to dip in the nutella)
pretzel M&Ms
single shots of Jack Daniel's and Captain Morgan (it is his birthday after all)
red velvet cake in a jar
presents from me
cards from his family
random letters I write to him

After I squished everything into the box and stuffed it to the top with tissue paper (to prevent things from rolling around while being shipped) I popped a pack of party poppers to make the box SCREAM happy birthday (if it didn't already).  I hope he has a great birthday and enjoys the package!


  1. SO SWEET!! I might be crying but I blame the baby hormones haha ;) Love you!

  2. That is beyond adorable ♥ but im wondering if The m&ms didn't melt?

  3. I work with a volunteer group that sends boxes all the time to those deployed...M & M's are the only "safe" chocolate they recommend...after all, "melts in your mouth, not in your hand"! ;)

    A sailor Mom

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I wondered how I could make my son's 20th birthday feel like a birthday and this was just the ticket. I simply love the decorated box and party poppers. I feel so much better now!

    Marine Mom

  5. How was the cake when he received it? Was it still ok to eat? I'm just afraid it will mold?

  6. That's an awesome care package! Do you know if the cake held up pretty well in the jar like that? That's a very creative idea ! I'll have to look at doing something like that for my son's next birthday. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!